Second PRIMA Community Workshop - March 21-22, 2023
Second PRIMA Community Workshop - March 21-22, 2023
Workshop update - posted 31 March 2023

A big thank you to all the attendees at our Workshop. Exciting to see so much community interest in the mission! Plenary presentations have now been posted (see agenda below). One of the Workshop objectives was to motivate and organize contributions to the PRIMA General Observer Science Book that we plan to publish in the fall. Contributers should use the Word template below as a guide to content. The deadline for contributions is April 28 (extended from April 21).

Workshop Objectives

We are pleased to announce the Second PRIMA Community Workshop, on Tuesday-Wednesday, March 21-22, 2023, 11am-3pm Eastern Time, 16-20h CET.

PRIMA is a concept for a space telescope mission in the far-IR (25-260 µm), to be submitted later this year to the NASA Announcement of Opportunity for an Astrophysics Probe Explorer (APEX) mission. We welcome all astronomers interested in science enabled by far infrared observations to participate. Participation will be all virtual, via Zoom. Please register at the link below.

This event is a follow-up of the First PRIMA Community Workshop, which was focused on collecting information about all possible science in the far-IR range, and associated requirements. Now that the team has had an opportunity to develop the concept within the framework of a probe cost cap, this year’s workshop will be an opportunity to take census of what the community will do with PRIMA. We expect that the outcome for this workshop will be a series of initial drafts of contributed science cases that will be collated into a PRIMA Science Book for publication this fall.

PRIMA is designed as a powerful survey and discovery machine, with its orders of magnitude sensitivity and speed for spectroscopy and imaging across the 25 - 260 µm band. While the PI-led science team will execute modest programs geared towards demonstrating PRIMA’s capabilities, the bulk of PRIMA observing time will be devoted to general observer (GO) programs. Moreover, all of PRIMA’s data will be available for archival research, a particularly compelling opportunity given the wide wavelength coverage intrinsic to all PRIMA observing modes.

Workshop attendees will learn about the PRIMA concept, its instruments and expected performance. In addition, we will invite attendees (and the community at large) to help maximize PRIMA’s science return by developing one or more GO or archival science cases. Attendees will have the opportunity to briefly present their science interests in the breakout sessions by presenting a couple of slides to seed discussion.

Following the Workshop, we will encourage participants (and including those who are interested but cannot attend) to write up their science cases as brief (2-3 pages) authored contributions that we will collate into the PRIMA Science Book. These contributions will help NASA and the PRIMA team create a suitable framework for a GO program which can accommodate the full range of potential PRIMA science, and they will demonstrate the impact and value of the PI-led programs for archival research, and the wide range of topics that could be addressed by GO-led observations. The due date for contributions will be in June.

Be sure to register below for the Workshop to receive updates on the agenda, topics for the breakout sessions, and how to contribute to the Science Book.


Note: USA switched to daylight savings time on March 12; European countries remain on standard time through the workshop.

Tuesday, March 21, 11:00am - 3:00pm EDT, 16:00 - 20:00 CET
11:10 PRIMA Overview – Capabilities: FIRESS – Matt Bradford and PRIMAger – Laure Ciesla
11:35 PRIMA Overview – Example science cases: Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez
Darek Lis
Alex Pope
Brandon Hensley
Will Fischer
Jason Glenn (Chair)
12:45 Lunch break
13:15 Breakouts into several small groups organized by science topic: opportunity to briefly present science cases.
Topics and moderators:
   Cosmic Ecosystems (including Growth of Galaxies and Black Holes): Sylvain Veilleux, Carlotta Gruppioni (and Lee Armus on day 1)
   Rise of Metals and Dust: Cody Lamarche and Denis Burgarella
   Cosmic Magnetic Fields: Marc Sauvage and Brandon Hensley
   Star Formation: James diFrancesco and Cara Battersby
   Galactic Science: stars and ISM: Ciska Kemper and Margaret Meixner
   Planets and Planet Formation: Ke Zhang, Arielle Moullet and Tiffany Kataria (and Klaus Pontoppidan on day 2)
   Time Domain: Doug Johnstone and Yasuhiro Hasegawa
15:00 Workshop Day 1 ends
Wednesday, March 22, 11:00am - 3:00pm EDT, 16:00 - 20:00 CET
11:00 Roundtable discussion – Interesting science topics from Day 1, or challenges to be resolved before resuming breakouts:
Arielle Moullet, Alberto Bolatto (moderators)
11:30 PRIMA Science Book overview – Objectives, structures, reference documents, template, timeline, roles
Margaret Meixner
11:45 Breakouts into several small groups organized by science topic
(tentative identification of contributed science cases and writers for the Science Book):
   Choose a breakout room in Zoom, based on the name of the room
   You are welcome to go between rooms if you are interested in more than one!
   Default is the same breakouts as on Day 1, with minor changes: see Zoom choices
13:00 Lunch break
13:30 Breakouts into several small groups organized by science topic – Feasibility of identified cases
   Same as for the morning sessions
14:40 Wrap-up discussion – Reports from breakout session leads on identification of contributed science cases and writers for the Science Book: Jason Glenn (chair)
15:00 Workshop Day 2 ends
Registered Attendees (as of March 21, 2023)
Belen Alcalde
Adam Amara
Lee Armus
Nicole Arulanantham
Doris Arzoumanian
Hakim Atek
Maarten Baes
Nicholas Ballering
Andrea Banzatti
Luigi Barchiesi
Loreto Barcos-Munoz
Pete Barry
Cara Battersby
Matthieu Bethermin
Henrik Beuther
Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate
Laura bisigello
Andrew Blain
Jamie Bock
Alberto Bolatto
Leindert Boogaard
Janet Bowey
Denis Burgarella
Becky Canning
Viviana Casasola
Vassilis Charmandaris
Chian-Chou Chen
Yun-Ting Cheng
David Ciardi
Mark Claussen
David Clements
Paulo Cortes
Nicholas Cothard
Simon Coude
Tansu Daylan
Kishalay De
Ilse De Looze
Roberto Decarli
Jacques Delabrouille
Ivan Delvecchio
James Di Francesco
Tanio Diaz-Santos
Ruobing Dong
James Donnellan
Rufat Dost
C. Darren Dowell
Eiichi Egami
Mark Elowitz
Andrea Enia
Tom Essinger-Hileman
Andreas Faisst
Anna Feltre
Carl Ferkinhoff
Juan Antonio Fernández Ontiveros
Will Fischer
Decker French
Seiji Fujimoto
Frédéric Galliano
Poshak Gandhi
Aayush Gautam
Martin Giard
Jason Glenn
Paul Goldsmith
Carlos Gomez-Guijarro
Frederic Grandmont
Joel Green
Matt Griffin
Carlotta Gruppioni
Vincent Guillet
Steven Hailey-Dunsheath
Kevin Harrington
Yasuhiro Hasegawa
Chris Hayward
Brandon Hensley
Thiem Hoang
Benne Holwerda
Christopher Hopkins
J. Christopher Howk
Dangning Hu
Howard Hui
Norma Hurtado
Takashi Iida
Hanae Inami
Takuma Izumi
Reinier Janssen
Doug Johnstone
Ant Jones
Hidehiro Kaneda
Tiffany Kataria
Maja Kazmierczak-Barthel
Ciska Kemper
Brian Kent
Ece Kilerci
Randolf Klein
Patricia Knezek
Eric Koch
Alvaro Labiano
Cody Lamarche
Bengt Larsson
Charles Lawrence
Romane Le Gal
Vianney Lebouteiller
Mayra Lebron
Rachel Lee
Hendrik Linz
Darek Lis
Pathma Liyanage
Enrique Lopez Rodriguez
Fabien Louvet
Suzanne Madden
Benjamin Magnelli
Matthew Malkan
Jesus Martin-Pintado
Hideo Matsuhara
Hiroshi Matsuo
Mikako Matsuura
Jed McKinney
Craig McMurtry
Tom Megeath
Margaret Meixner
Ibrahim Mirza
Aritra Mondal
Frederique Motte
Arielle Moullet
Eric Murphy
Tohru Nagao
Paco Najarro
Takao Nakagawa
David Naylor
Ngoc Nguyen
Thomas Nikola
Omid Noroozian
Shota Notsu
Seb Oliver
Takashi Onaka
Glenn Orton
Mat Page
Roberta Paladini
Eliana Palazzi
Maurilio Pannella
Lara Pantoni
Dylan Paré
Kate Pattle
Devraj Pawar
Chris Pearson
Ismael Perez-Fournon
Silvia Pietroni
Frédérick Poidevin
RIwaj Pokhrel
Mari Polletta
Klaus Pontoppidan
Alex Pope
Lucia Pozzetti
francesca pozzi
Salvatore Quai
Lise Ramambason
Naseem Rangwala
Tim-Eric Rathjen
Jonathan Rawlings
David Rebolledo
Vincent Reveret
David Richardson
Jennifer Rocca
Giulia Rodighiero
Surangkhana Rukdee
Laurence Sabin
Francesco Salvestrini
Marc Sauvage
Eva Schinnerer
Bernhard Schulz
Youngmin Seo
Sachin(dev) Shenoy
Sachin Shenoy
Raphael Shirley
Janet Simpson
Raphael Skalidis
Howard Smith
Archana Soam
rachel somerville
Locke Spencer
Luigi Spinoglio
Johannes Staguhn
Veronica Strazzullo
Jessica Sutter
Teresa Symons
Benoit Tabone
Mehrnoosh Tahani
Yuji Takeuchi
Yuji Takeuchi
Konstantinos Tassis
Jean Tedros
Leonardo Testi
Alex Tetarenko
John Tobin
Alberto Traina
Le Tram
Hideki Umehata
Stephen Unwin
Bade Uzgil
Livia Vallini
Floris van der Tak
Sylvain Veilleux
Riya Verma
Cristian Vignali
Marion Villenave
Amit Vishwas
Takehiko Wada
Debra Wallace
Gregory Walth
Benjamin Weiner
Michael Werner
Thomas Williams
Jason Wright
Issei Yamamura
Ilsang Yoon
Bob Zavala
Ke Zhang
John Ziemer