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The PRIMA General Observer Science Book is now published on ArXiv!

The PRIMA General Observer Science Book is a collection of 76 contributions authored by members of the international astronomy community, each articulating a scientific case that is enabled by PRIMA's massive sensitivity advance and broad spectral coverage. These contributions were encouraged at a science community workshop held in March 2023, as part of the PRIMA team's community outreach activities. The objective of this effort was to capture and characterize the community's interest towards the far-infrared wavelength regime in general, and towards the PRIMA concept in particular.

The PRIMA team is grateful to all the authors who provided short contributed science cases for inclusion on the Book. We are excited by this huge community response! In its 399 pages (yes, it's that large!) you can find a wealth of science cases that the PRIMA mission would be capable of addressing. It makes a compelling case for the competed General Observer program that NASA requires for the selected Astrophysics Probe Mission. At least 75% of the 5-year mission would be devoted to experiments proposed by members of the astronomy community. The 76 cases presented in the GO Science Book are representative of the breadth of science that the astronomy community could accomplish.